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#MiColours - The Navy Orchid Collection

Posted by Karlmond on 9th May 2016

Where do you see colour? As part of our new #MiColours movement, we're looking at all the colours and all the inspirations we see every day - every where - in every thing. At Mi-Pac we've always loved celebrating creativity, trying to create bags in every colour known to man in all shapes and sizes. We want to share with you a little insight into our buzzing brains on where we find our inspiration.

The Navy Orchid collection epitomises the best that spring has to offer. Orchids are one of the world's most classically beautiful flowers because of their understated beauty. Blues and purples, oranges and reds, orchids come in a variety of colours and shapes and sizes, much like our own bag collection...! The Navy Orchid range remind us of all things zen. Goooosfraba....

Earlier this year was the Kew Gardens Orchid festival. There are over THOURSANDS of flowers from all over the world at Kew Gardens, but this particular festival includes all the tropical colours of Brazil and beyond. It is all about colour - something that means a LOT to us when we're looking at our designs.

With a backpack like this, it is all about being dressing simple. Lay back and enjoy the spring - jeans and a t-shirt goes a LONG way. The whole collection is available now through various stockists both online and in-store, and might just be your #MiColours inspiration for when you're needing a little brainpower.