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For AW17 we’ve teamed up with iconic brand Crayola to produce an accessories collection inspired by Crayola crayons. The three-piece capsule collection includes a backpack, mini backpack and pencil case in a choice of two classic prints. Leopard and Dogtooth in Autumn/Winter colourways. These designs offer both fashion flair and a hand-coloured feel to reflect the playful creativity of childrens art

5 products
  1. Mi-Pac Backpack - Crayola Leopard Pink/Aqua

    £32.99 Now £22.99

  2. Mi-Pac Mini - Crayola Leopard Pink/Aqua

    £29.99 Now £20.99

  3. Mi-Pac Mini - Crayola Dogtooth Multi

    £29.99 Now £20.99

  4. Mi-Pac Case - Crayola Leopard Pink/Aqua

    £8.99 Now £6.99

  5. Mi-Pac Case - Crayola Dogtooth Multi

    £8.99 Now £6.99