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Available in an array of block colours and typical Mi-Pac prints, the Mini Mi-Pac is made slightly smaller, especially for slightly smaller humans. It can also double up as a quirky hand bag. Ideal in some of our more premium finishes for those slightly bigger humans who want to travel light.

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  1. Mi-Pac x Hello Kitty Mini Backpack - Poses


  2. Mi-Pac x Hello Kitty Mini Backpack - Stamps


  3. Mi-Pac Patent Quilt Mini Backpack - Black


  4. Mi-Pac Colour Block Mini Backpack - Black/True Plum


  5. Mi-Pac x Tatty Devine Gold Mini Backpack - Characters Black

    £34.99 Now £24.49

  6. Mi-Pac Gold Mini - Crafted Folk Black


  7. Mi-Pac Mini - Classic Black

    £17.99 Now £8.99