Creativity is at the heart of everything Mi-Pac represents. At our core we value individuality and freedom of expression. Our range of accessories are designed to express your personal style, through a wide palette of colours, patterns and fabrics. We are proud of our bags and continue to innovate with new and exciting designs each season.

Backpacks & Rucksacks

Our Mi-Pac Classic Backpacks combine both fashion and function. Both tough and durable, they are perfect for all of your school or work needs. View our full S/S14 collection here.

Gold Backpacks

The much anticipated Gold Range has arrived – the bags continue to push boundaries using new exciting materials and finishes. The collection includes faux ostrich, stingray and python skins designs.

Mini Mi-Pac

Mini Mi-Pac - All our favourite designs on a slightly smaller scale, for slightly smaller humans. (Or for slightly bigger humans, who want to travel light!)

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